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Some things are better left unsaid

Texas and Arkansas don't like each other.

When Arkansas played two Midwest Regional games at Austin in 1995, they received something significantly less than a warm reception. Texas fans basically booed anything Arkansas related during the tournament, and Arkansas athletic director Frank Broyles afterwards said, "I hope we never play in Austin again if they hold any NCAA Tournament games there in the future."

Think Arkansas has forgotten?

Fast forward thirteen years. Texas has to play their first and second round games in Little Rock starting this Friday.

Texas coach Rick Barnes had his teleconference today, and the bad blood was brought up.

"Obviously, and honestly, our guys don’t know the rivalry that existed between Texas and Arkansas," Barnes said. "We’re scheduled to come play Arkansas next year, and if the fans don’t treat us well, we’re not going to come. You can put that out there. I’m serious. We’ve got enough money here we can buy our way out of it. So, they’d better be good to us."


First, it makes Texas sound like a bunch of pussies. 'Buy our way out?!'

Second, it has fallen on collective ears deafer than Helen Keller. Arkansas fans are going to make it as hostile as they can for us.

The article doesn't say, but I hope it was all tongue in cheek.