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Longhorn Pro Day

Lance Zierlein of the Houston Chronicle got the 40 times 'direct from a scout with a stopwatch.'

Jamal Charles - did not run
Jermichael Finley - 4.65
Marcus Griffin - 4.57
Robert Killibrew - 4.54
Frank Okam - 5.23
Limas Sweed - 4.44
Scott Derry - 4.88

The Statesman says Brandon Foster ran a 4.28.

Finley and Foster really helped themselves. Finley has a chance to go in the first three rounds, and Foster might have an outside shot at getting drafted. But he's still 5'8".

Killibrew running a 4.54 is stunning. They must have had a whistle at the start. He was always most active after the whistle.

Derry running a 4.88 should put to rest any draft hopes Longhorn fans had for him.

Unofficial reports had Drew Kelson with a 40"+ vertical. Texas coaches mistakenly introduced him to NFL scouts as 'Marcus Wilkins.'

Update from Gil Brandt at

Texas (March 19)

Texas is one of the favorite stops for NFL scouts -- they have complete control over the day and then get served a big lunch when the workouts are done. All 32 NFL teams were represented, with 75 personnel people in all. Sixteen prospects worked out. They ran the 40-yard dash indoors on Field Turf, then ran shuttles and position workouts under an outdoor bubble, also on Field Turf…

" RB Jamaal Charles (5-11 ¼, 199): Stuck with his numbers from the combine. Ran position workouts and looked good catching the football.

" TE Jermichael Finley (6-4, ¾, 240): Ran the 40 in 4.66, kept the rest of his numbers from the combine, and ran position drills.

" DL Frank Okam (6-4 7/8, 335): Ran the 40 in 5.27 and 5.31, had a 27 ½-inch vertical jump, 4.66 short shuttle, and ran position drills.

" S Marcus Griffin (5-10 ¼, 196): Ran the 40 in 4.51 and 4.61 (had a bad start on the second run), had a 37 ½-inch vertical jump, 10-foot, 5-inch long jump, 4.19 short shuttle, 12 reps in the bench press, kept the rest of his numbers from the combine and ran position drills.

" OL Tony Hills (6-5 ¼, 307): Had 24 reps in the bench press, but could not run or do other drills due to an injury.

" WR Billy Pittman (5-11 ¾,, 195): Ran the 40 in 4.71 and 4.78, ran position drills, and stuck with the rest of his numbers from the combine.

" WR Limas Sweed (6-4 ¼, 210): Ran the 40 in 4.50 and 4.51, had a 37 ½-inch vertical jump, 10-foot, 8-inch long jump, 4.33 short shuttle, 7.14 cone drill, ran position drills and looked good catching the ball.

" DL Derek Lokey (6-1 3/8, 293): Ran the 40 in 5.18 and 5.19, had a 33 ½-inch vertical jump, 9-foot, 4-inch long jump, 4.37 short shuttle, 7.57 cone drill, 38 reps in the bench press, and ran position drills.