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2nd half blogging

Georgia starts with a putback. XU answers with their own. Fast pace to start the half.

Josh Duncan bailed out with a foul call. The crowd boos, they want to see the 14 seed advance. Josh Duncan misses both. The line never lies.

Georgia is getting every loose ball. Aren't they supposed to be tired?

Lavender robbed at halfcourt by Gaines. Eleven point lead.

Woodbury is schooling the XU wings. Big and quick. Duncan is the only answer for Xavier. He poses a matchup problem of his own.

Spartans on a 4-0 run to start the half. They're just locking down temple.

Burrell can't stay with Gains. Drive dish to humphry for 3. Georgia is cruising

Gaines is built like Tim Hardaway. Not sure if he's homophobic.

Temple finally gets Christmas in a mismatch down low.

XU with mini run to cut it to 4.

3 ball by humphrey stops the run

10-0 run by XU. XU up 3. Great game.

Duncan killing Georgia. XU now up 5.

Georgia answers with a drive and dish. XU answers by drawing foul. That'll be 16 foul shots to GA's 2. Wow.

Xavier pulling away with a steal and an and 1.

Woodbury keeping Georgia in it with a big 3 to cut it to 5. Gaines is gassed. Hasn't rested the entire game.

XU with two more foul shots. Jeez. Temple cutting the MSU lead to 10 using a press. Too little too late.

Ed Hightower with a horrible jump ball call. I wish he'd go away. XU ball up 6.

XU to the line again. This is comical. I'd be pissed if I was a bulldog fan.

Georgia with a drive and dish by Gaines for a dunk. 3 point ball game. 23 free throws to 4 this game. That's fucking stupid.

Two more foul shots for XU. Just wow. 1:21 to go 5 point game.

Georgia finally gets a call. One and one. Miss

That could be it.

MSU closing out Temple.

XU with two more foul shots. Up 7 with 45 seconds. Georgia just ran out of gas.