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Live Blogging early games

Georgia vs. Xavier

Just starting.

Xavier offensive board and dunk. Lavender looks healthy on D.

1 and done miss by georgia. Duncan of XU for 3. Bad start

Anderson of XU down, got hit in the eye. He's okay. 5-2 XU

Portland St. vs. Kansas Starting. God I love the quad screen March Madness DirectTV feature

Sundiatta Gaines has some jets, maybe lavender isn't as healthy. Burrell now guarding Gaines

Georgi's perimeter quickness bothering XU

Kansas starts on a 4-0 run. PSU answers with a 3

Georgia really guarding well. Nice 7-0 run caused by pressure. 11-8 dawgs

Temple Mich State tipping off.

KU running on PSU now. 11-3

Dionte Christmas is nice. Best player on the floor. Let's watch.

Temple gets a post bucket. That's gravy. Early 7-4 lead.

Instead of water-boarding terrorists we should make them watch Michigan State's offense

Kansas 5 minutes into the game runs its first half court possession. Ugggh. I can't watch it anymore. I feel sorry for you poor bastards that have to rely on live look-ins. Back to the Madness package and Temple/MSU

Georgia on fire from 3. Lavender answers with a bomb

Georgia playing with a ton of confidence up six. Really bothering XU in the half court. XU need to get out and run.

Port state with a liitle run down 22-15

Temple with a steal after going to a half court trap. MSU locking down Christmas.

Georgia outplaying XU on the glass. Not good news for the musketeers. They need to make it up turning over Georgia. Tell me how Georgia was 4-12 in conference?

I need a voice activated remote control. Portland needs a timeout.

Terrance Woodburry of GA going off in the first half, already double figures

An Izzo set out of the timeout leads to a dunk. I'd go back to zone if I was temple

Combining waterboarding, MSU tapes, and Len Elmore's commentary in interrogations would violate the Geneva Convention

MSU's size starting to bother Temple. Georgia jumps out to a 7 point lead. Belief is a powerful thing.

MSU now with a double digit lead. Temple's fallen into the trap of playing slow. The Owls need to get this thing speeded up.

Portland State down 23 at half. Nice knowing you

MSU up 12 with two minutes to go in the half. The need to maintain contact

Ryan brooks keeping temple in it. Nice mini 7-0 run.

I would zone Izzo out of every time out. He's a witch

Georgia up 9 at half. KU up 23. MSU up 9.