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Homework Assignment: Two things to watch for Stanford/Texas

Stanford small forward personnel

It'll likely tell you what both teams will be in defensively even before either team sets up on defense. Washington, with the twins means you'll see Stanford in man with Washington on DJ or Mason. Hill in the game means Stanford is probably zoning, or Hill is matched up on Mason. If Hill is in and the Cardinal go M2M, Mason will undoubtedly be playing point and you'll see our double stack look which is Abrams and DJ running off baseline screens, the twins hedging aggressively to the perimeter, and hopefully dives to the goal by screeners.

Doubling the Post

With Texas' starting personnel, undoubtedly Atchley will be on Brook the better offensive twin. James will stay on Robin where there's a better chance to rebound weakside. Doubling will be by Mason who'll be on Washington. Don't be surprised to see Washington cut to the goal on doubles. Our guards and James need to be aware. If Stanford goes to Hill with the twins, Barnes will be forced to go to Wangmene or Pittman for Mason, or go zone, because doubling becomes more problematic when Stanford has 3 perimeter shooters on the floor.

I'm off to the game.

Hook 'EM