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Malcolm Kelly most definitely pissed at OU. You know what I'm saying?

Former OU wide receiver Malcolm Kelly is not a happy man. He did not get to run on the type of turf he wanted during his workout for NFL scouts in Norman yesterday, and he let his displeasure be known while the cameras rolled.

"This is my life. You know what I'm saying?'' Kelly said. ''This ain't no school. This ain't no classroom. This ain't got nothing to do with that. This has to do with me; my family. This is what I do. I play football. And I'm supposed to come out here and run as fast as I can. I already had everything set up for where I want to do it at. I get out here and it's a whole different deal.''

I can understand his frustration. He prepared for a type of turf that bigger receivers had used in the past only to find he had to run on a slower turf. But would it be that hard to pick up the cones and move them to the other turf?

We all know Jerry Schmidt is a douche. Just look at him. The guy has a flat top. Kelly should have never put his trust in that dude.

Recruiting Coordinator

The best part was when Kelly started talking about his thigh injury, and how the medical staff tried to get him to play hurt.

''At the bowl game, people were questioning was I trying to not play so I could leave early for the draft and all that kind of stuff,'' Kelly said. ''I was told by the staff I had a thigh bruise. I told them it felt a lot worse than that. 'No, it's not that bad; go out there and run; it's not a thigh tear, it's just a thigh bruise.' Kept trying to run; never did get any better. Didn't play in the game, so I finally went out there training and it never got any better. I went and got an MRI and I've got a thigh tear.

''So what if I would he went out there and tried to play in the bowl game and went out there and tried to run full speed? Then where would I be right now? Nowhere. Sitting at home, still rehabbing. Back here for another season. You know what I'm saying?"

That's just more evidence to support what OU's critics have been saying for years.

Look for Oklahoma to try to do some damage control in the coming days, but you can bet that every opponent has already sent this video to recruits around the country.