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AAU Coach's Interview Part I

You asked and he answered, well at least as candidly as he could for fear of reprisal. Here's the email he replied to me with. I'm in the process of clarifying a couple of answers below, and I'll submit follow up questions for the next part so if there is anything else you want to know post it.

Inducements? I think so.

1) I'd be interested in some examples or an outline of exactly who these AAU coaches manage to attach themselves to players, and what these coaches convince stud players that they bring to the table that the recruit can't get/do on his own.

The type of coaches that attach themselves to players is a revolving door, that always brings in new people. When a "person" feels that a player "may" have potential to play big time basketball or "maybe" the NBA, they quickly see an opportunity to "be taken care of" by recruiters and the kid in the future. Well, no kid understands the recruiting game "at all". Therefore they rely on the people that are close to them to "help them to make the best decisions". But these decisions are usually best for the "coach/handler/uncle/cousin".

2) I'd like to know more about the shoe companies. The Sonny Vaccaro stuff. How a team becomes an Adidas team or a Nike team or what.

Got to be a bit more specific on this. A college team or an Summer Team? Summer team, mainly through relationships, but mainly by having the BEST players, which will hope to be sent to "shoe sponsored" college. It all works hand in hand.

You must ask the right questions for this to be answered. ;-)

3) To dovetail with the above question, my understanding is that Texas is a "shoe neutral" university, irrespective of the brand our players wear on the court. What are the implications of that?

If they were neutral, how did they get Kevin Durant? Remember, he turned down an ADDITIONAL 10mil to stay with Nike. Didn't Texas also get Durant over UNC? Also a Nike/Jordan team. Think about this one!

What are the major declared Nike, Reebok, Adidas, uh, British Knights universities?

This was the 1st year in almost Forever, that a Nike team was not present in the National Championship Game. Did you notice what each team wore? Trust me, that shit will NOT happen again.

Mainly Nike and adidas schools get everything free. I know the primary ones, but lots of schools just get sweetheart deals.

What's in it for the AAU coach? Notoriety? Payments? Angling for staff positions using the kids?

Each coach has different motivations. Help a kid to succeed, money, coaching position in HS or College, money for travel team, recognition, POWER (hopes of landing a big-time player or shoe deal), chances of becoming an agent, or a "runner" for an agent, which will gain them a POINT for quality players. Let me know when you find out what a "point" entails.

4) What is the outlook for Olsen/Pastner/UA? Are they still in the mix of things for recruiting in Houston/Texas? From the sidelines it seems as if things have shifted, or perhaps Nic Wise suggested UA focus their efforts elsewhere?

Both parties will remain with each other for a few more seasons. Yes, they still recruit Houston players, but only a few have ever played quality minutes. Wise & McClellan. Wise should have started this whole season, but still played 30+min/game.

5) How about a little more insight into William Wesley's role in recruiting kids to Memphis?

Not a chance. Do some research, and read VERY slowly. ;-)

Here's a quote for you.

Will he be on the floor Monday if the Tigers win the national title? Do not bet against him. "I don't have any clue what he does or how financially he benefits from this," Boeheim said. "I don't know. But he's just there. He's around. He knows all the pro guys, their agents, the sneaker people, the coaches, general managers, media people. There's no one he doesn't know."