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Help Wanted: Pitching Coach

It won't be announced until later, but Skip Johnson's job as pitching coach at The University of Texas ended yesterday in Missouri. You don't give up a school record 31 runs and survive. You just don't.

Some perspective is in order. In twenty games against the Missouri football team, the Longhorns have only given up more than 31 points once. If only a John Mackovic defense gives up more runs than you, it's time to go.

The stat line yesterday: 9 IP, 26 Hits, 7 Home Runs, 12 Walks.

Reminds me of the start to the Nebraska series when Texas pitchers gave up 17 Hits, 7 Walks, 3 Hit Batters, 5 Wild Pitches and an error.

Coach Augie Garrido has been in this situation before. When he first came to Texas, he hired former Longhorn Burt Hooten on as his pitching coach for his first 3 years. Texas went 88-80 before Garrido made a call to Frank Anderson.

He's made the change before. He needs to do it again.


Corn Nation has a great round up of the current situation in the Big XII.