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Marquette and Texas High School Basketball

So Buzz Williams is the next in line to try his hand at rekindling Al McGuire's magic. Well, what does that and Texas High School basketball have to do with the price of beer in Milwaukee. Evidently a bunch. Williams was an assistant to Billy Clyde at TAMU before his stints as the head man at New Orleans and an assistant's gig with Crean at UMMU. A little Texas connection. Fine.

So I'm enjoying a brat and beer at the Milwaukee International Airport when I feel my Longhorn blood start to boil. You know the feeling. Like when you see Brian Bosworth in a B movie or Barry Switzer hugging a carny. Well, into terminal B walks Josh Pastner on his cell phone talking about how Lute breaks clipboards and colors his hair silver. Anywho, Josh was interviewing for the Marquette assistant gig which he'll probably land. So, don't be surprised if you start seeing some Texas basketball flavor interspersed with fat German chicks in one of the 1800 bars in the Milwaukee area in the years to come. You'll know them by their shivering.

Pick and Semmel Roll