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AJ Abrams to test NBA draft waters

At least according to Fox Sports. Well, if there's one thing we can gather from this stunning turn of events it's that AJ doesn't get TNT. My lord, he's half a foot shorter than JJ Redick and not nearly the scorer. Every other sub-6' guard in the NBA can handle and create. AJ couldn't handle and create against Baylor. Will he be able to get his shot off consistently in the Association? It took staggered double and triple screens in college to get him looks. He won't have that luxury professionally.

Defensively, he'd have to guard the ball which means he'd have to go to a team with a big lead guard that could handle athletic scoring guards on the defensive end. And even then, it doesn't guarantee the opposing team won't have a huge physical mismatch at the point. Either that or AJ's team would have to zone. Because NBA teams love to do that. It's madness.

I watched Earl Boykins dismantle a top 5 Duke team in the tourney. Nate Robinson led a team deep into the tourney by handling, scoring, and running the show. Jameer Nelson, rinse repeat. AJ? So you beat Daniel Gibson at Horse? Get over it. Seriously, this must be some sort of joke.