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Lester Miles Hearts Mack Brown

...or perhaps not.

A new NCAA rule bars head football coaches from visiting high schools in May, a wrongheaded decision LSU Coach Les Miles said was prompted by widespread cheating and the probable wishes of Texas Coach Mack Brown.

"I can tell you this, there were head coaches who were violating the rules, tremendously so," he said. "And I think the guy who pushed this was Mack Brown, because Mack doesn't have to leave his office ever, and that's an advantage for him. That's just him because it's Texas."

The Pontiff will see you now.

Instead of a visit prohibition, Miles argued, those who broke the rule should face "a big-time penalty" from the NCAA. Instead, people have thrown up their hands rather than police the situation, according to Miles.

Ryan Perrilloux could not be reached for comment on Miles' propensity for big time penalties.

He is not the only coach to criticize the rule, which passed in January. Alabama Coach Nick Saban lashed out against it last week during a conference call with Southeastern Conference coaches. Saban has a reputation as an aggressive spring recruiter, and the Miami Herald reported last May he may have had improper contact with a recruit during a visit in Florida. But Saban declined to respond last week when asked if the rule was directed at him.

By declined to respond we assume Saban told the reporter to go fuck himself and Major Applewhite.