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Nick Saban Laughs at the Nick Saban Rule

While Les Miles blames Mack Brown for the new recruiting restrictions, Nick Saban has figured a way around them.

The NCAA adopted a SEC-proposed rule that took head coaches off the road for the April/May evaluation period. This off-season, for the first time, head coaches will be staying on campus and away from the potential recruits. The SEC brought the idea of the new rule before the NCAA, supposedly because several of the coaches were trying to slow down 'Bama's Saban and Florida's Urban Meyer The new rule states that a head coach can no longer go evaluate recruits on the road during the spring. The idea is to prevent "bump-ins" between coaches and recruits when the coaches are out talking to the high school coaches.

Not only can coaches no longer hit the road, but they are now restricted to only one phone call to prospects during this time period and only one evaluation of athletic ability.

But Saban has even figured out a way around that rule.

Imagine the fun the Tennessee staff will have trying to show Phil Fulmer how to use the internet.