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BCS Meetings: Much Ado About Nothing

All the players involved in the BCS are spending a few days this week in Hollywood, Florida, talking about the future of the BCS system. As for any action coming out of the meeting, don't hold your breath.

The BCS league commissioners, Bowl Representatives and TV officials are all there. Wednesday SEC Commissioner Mike Slive will along with ACC Commissioner John Swofford present a 4-team playoff plan. The plan calls for the BCS poll to seed the Top 4 teams, who would play in the semifinals and then a championship game. Neither is very optimistic about this plan passing.

If there had been a 4-team playoff this past December, you would have had these two semifinals Jan. 1 and Jan. 2.

#1 Ohio State vs. #4 Oklahoma and #2 LSU vs. #3 Va. Tech.

The BCS Championship game would have been held 10 days later. If such a format comes about, another BCS Bowl game would need to be added to keep the current 10 slots in BCS bowls. Both Atlanta and Dallas (with Jerry Jones new stadium) are more than willing to get into the BCS circle.

The BCS still has two years left with its contract with Fox, and negotiations for an extention will begin in September. ABC's contract with the Rose Bowl runs through 2014. The expectation is that the status quo will remain so at least until then.

Tony Barnhart of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, has an excellent breakdown of the factions involved in the BCS.