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Billy Gillispie robs the cradle.

Michael Avery is a 15 year old from Thousand Oaks, California. He's also a pretty good basketball player. So good that Kentucky coach Billy Gillispie has offered him a scholarship.

'Eighth graders, Dude.'

Now Gillispie can't talk about Avery because of NCAA rules (and possibly the Mann Act), but Avery's father, Michael Lohan Howard, told the LA Times how it all went down.

Gillispie saw Avery play in a tournament last weekend in Ohio, and let it be known that he was interested in him. Howard Avery called Gillispie, received the scholarship offer and talked it over with his son who later committed to Kentucky.

Gillispie at the tournament.

"This is all Mike's decision," his father said. "He wanted to commit."

All of this shit is non-binding of course.