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Mack vs Mack

So Chip Brown of the Dallas Morning News said on his radio show yesterday something to the effect of 'John Mackovic's best players would be Mack Brown's best players.'

Now I didn't listen to the show because I think people who listen to sports radio are even more despicable than people who read blogs. Except the people reading this blog. You're clearly different.

I think he meant that if you took the best players Mackovic recruited at each position, they would beat a team made up of the best players Brown recruited at each position. Now I don't find this the least bit interesting because the team with Vince Young wins.

But it did elicit quite the argument on Orangebloods, mostly because stupid people think that Brown was saying the Mackovic was the better coach/recruiter/sommelier. He's not/not/is, and that's why he got fired.

But I'll throw you assholes some red meat anyway.


DE Aaron Humphrey
DT Casey Hampton
DT Shaun Rogers
DE Tony Brackens
LB DD Lewis
LB Dustry Renfro
LB Tyson King?
CB Bryant Westbrook
CB Quentin Jammer
S Chris Carter
S Tre Thomas
P Kris Stockton

QB Major Applewhite
RB Priest Homes
RB Ricky Williams
WR Mike Adams
WR Kwame Cavil
TE Pat Fitzgerald
OT Leonard Davis
OT Jay Humphrey
OG Dan Neil
OG Roger Roesler
C Russell Gaskamp
K Phil Dawson


DE Cory Redding
DE Tim Crowder
DT Marcus Tubbs
DT Derek Lokey
LB Derrick Johnson
LB Aaron Harris
LB Rodrick Muckelroy
CB Aaron Ross
CB Cedric Griffin
S Michael Huff
S Michael Griffin
P Richmond McGee

QB Vince Young
RB Cedric Benson
RB Jamal Charles
WR Limas Sweed
WR Roy Williams
TE David Thomas
OT Jonathan Scott
OT Mike Williams
OG Justin Blalock
OG Derrick Dockery
C Lyle Sendlein
K Dusty Mangum

Which team wins?