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ESPN breaks the story that Mike Leach is eccentric

The Worldwide Leader must have had this gem ready for any slow day (i.e. no salicious Roger stories broke). There is nothing new (Leach likes pirates), save maybe some new pictures.

"The object was to get a treasure. If the captain did a bad job, you could just overthrow him."

That means win a championship.

I did like this quote from Leach:

"If you're getting to the office at 6 a.m. and getting home at midnight, well, then you're wasting a lot of time," Leach said. "That's just a failure to manage your time. What are you doing in the middle of the day? Are you having a siesta?"

Leach in a West Texas sombrero

I can only assume that they are soon going to run an article that Bobby Knight throws chairs in ESPN production meetings.