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Billy Squier turns 58 today

For those of you living here in the United States of Amnesia, you probably don't remember Billy Squier. It's not your fault. The music industry is fickle, and past stars are forgotten all the time. Rick Rubin can't rehabilitate everyone.

But Billy Squier was/is a fantastic rock singer and guitarist who put out a great body of work in the early '80s. So I've put together some clips of his best songs off his first three albums. Enjoy. Or not.

The Big Beat - Tale of the Tape (1980)

Rich Kid (Live) - Tale of the Tape

The Stroke - Don't Say No (1981)

My Kinda Lover - Don't Say No

Lonely Is The Night (Live) - Don't Say No

Everybody Wants You - Emotions In Motion (1982)