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I got something to say

I killed your baby today
And it doesn't matter much to me
As long as it's dead

Pretty hardcore lyrics. Now imagine them being sung with a catchy, almost pop chorus by a 5'3" dude who grew up reading comic books and watching horror b movies.

That was The Misfits.

They were a horror punk band from New Jersey led by lead singer Glenn Danzig. Only recording three albums before going their separate ways, they remain hugely popular among punk rock fans. And for good reason. Metallica's Cliff Burton was a fan, and Metallica recorded covers of three Misfits songs.

Static Age (recorded in 1978, released in 1997)

My favorite album of theirs.

Last Caress



Hybrid Moments

Walk Among Us (1982)

This is their classic punk album.

I Turned Into A Martian


Astro Zombies

Earth A.D. (1983)

Harder, faster almost thrash sound on this album that was released after the band had broken up.

Green Hell

Die Die My Darling