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Baseball team loses 3-2 to Missouri

This was a game Texas should have won. They had their chances, but they didn't execute. It usually comes down to the little things.

The Longhorns had a runner on 3rd with one out in the eighth, but Travis Tucker popped out to the infield and Jordan Danks struck out.

Texas then got a leadoff single in the top of the 10th, but Cameron Rupp struck out trying to bunt. The next hitter singled.

They wasted an excellent outing by starter Chance Ruffin whose only mistake was hanging a curveball to Missouri's Jacob Priday. Seriously, I hate that guy. He's like Baylor's Charley Carter. Just crushes us.

They'll start Austin Wood against A&M today at 4pm. BTW, the Aggies have now lost seven strraight.