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Times set for four Longhorn football games

ESPN and ABC have picked up four Texas games, and they announced the kickoff times yesterday. Some good, some bad.

UTEP · Saturday, Sept. 6 · 9:15 p.m. · ESPN2

Damn. Just how far west is El Paso? Over/under on the number of times Mack Brown mentions the late start time effecting the team is 7. Over/under on the number of times Trips Right eats at Chico's Tacos that weekend is also 7.

Arkansas · Saturday, Sept. 13 · 2:30 p.m. · ABC

I like this one and hope it's as hot as Austin can possibly be in September that day. It will also be the first appearance of jorts-clad fans in Austin since 09/09/2006.

Oklahoma · Saturday, Oct. 11 · 11 a.m. · ABC

Yes, this is horrible, this idea. Too early to get good and liquored up at the state fair, and it doesn't leave enough time to gorge yourself on as much fried (fill in the blank) as you can eat. Eleven AM games should be reserved only for mediocre Big 10 teams playing on ESPN 2 that you casually watch while laying on your couch half asleep, wondering whether or not you should take a shower and miss Northwestern's next offensive possession.

Texas A&M · Thursday, Nov. 27 · 7 p.m. · ESPN

Finally. Night games rule all, and this game should have never been moved to the day after Thanksgiving in the first place.