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Texas vs St. John's Live Blogging

Sort of. I'm at work so I'll update as I can.

Don't know anything about St. John's except they have a lot of left handed pitching.

Texas has a lot of left handed hitting.

Texas is starting Ken Kasparek. St. John's will start Frank Viola, John Franco or some other crafty guido who has never been outside of Queens.

Missouri shut out Ole Miss 9-0 behind Aaron Crow.

Nebraska is tied with Eastern Illinois in the 3rd.

TCU and Wichita State are tied in the 5th. Fuck you, 1989 College World Series format.

Buffering...buffering...Gametracker sucks.

Scoreless after one.

1-2-3 inning for Kasparek in the top of the 2nd.

Clark pops out.
Belts doubles.
Moldenhauer ground out moves him to 3rd.
Hernandez beats out an infield single. Belt scores.
Rupp flies out.

1-0 Texas