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Larry Hays Resigns at Tech

After another dismal season, Larry Hays has resigned from the helm of the Texas Tech baseball program. Dan Spencer will take over. I've got mixed feelings about this as Hays took our dormant program and built it all the way to a #1 ranking in 1996. As an alum, I have to appreciate that and the 22 years of service. However, I don't think Hays had as much to do with the rise of the program as Frank Anderson. The subsequent fall of Tech baseball coincided with Augie Garrido's purchase of Anderson's service. Tech couldn't match the offer and Anderson was off. The year before Anderson arrived, UT had the worst team ERA in the Big 12 and was a middle of the pack team at best. The next year, they were first in team ERA and within 3 years, had won a national title. As you know, Anderson is now the skipper at a suddenly resurgent Oklahoma State program.