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How Colt McCoy spent his spring break

While most college football players spent their spring breaks partaking of some type of sun-drenched debauchery, Texas quarterback Colt McCoy spent his helping poor kids in Peru.

Wait. What?

He spent a weeklong Christian mission at a rural village in the Peruvian jungle. He read them Bible stories and taught them how to play football. In their first game, they lost 77-0 to the Shining Path.

"If you call another 3 yard out, these kids are going to kill us!"

Not surprising McCoy would do something like this. He's a big believer in community service. He's worked as a phone operator during the Children's Miracle Network telethon, he visits the children's hospital and has done volunteer work for Habitat for Humanity. He even helped an underprivleged Kansas State defense by giving them 4 interceptions.

I kid. He's a great representative of the school and football program.