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Oklahoma State enters the arms race

There has always been an arms race in college athletics when it comes to facilities. Your rival builds an indoor practice facility so you raise the money and build one a short time later. This goes on an on until the losing school's coach falls out of power and is exhiled to Siberia. Or Purdue.

"Mr. President, we must not allow a weight room gap!"

Oklahoma State has decided to enter the race. In the past two years alone they've received over $200 million in donations earmarked for facilities. Of children?!

The lion's share will go to football of course. By the fall of 2009 they will have completed the renovation of their football stadium that includes "building west end zone stands and new football offices, locker rooms, an equipment room, an athletic medicine center and training table." They will not fluoridate the water though because fluoridation is the most monstrously conceived and dangerous communist plot we have ever had to face.

"Have you ever seen a Sooner drink a glass of water?"

T Boone Pickens has invested the donations in his BP Capital Fund he manages and has waived the fees. When you personally donate over $400 million, you can probably afford it.

Now Pickens isn't getting any younger, and he wants to win now. His history of mergers and acquisitions of what he considered undervalued companies is instructive here. Pickens doesn't invest that much of his own money without expecting a corresponding increase in performance. If I'm Mike Gundy, I'd start to worry about my job security.

Pickens has Norman (and Gundy?) in his sights.

As Clemenceau once said, football is too important to be left to the coaches.