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Internets prankster works for UT

Turns out the Nebraska fan who posted the fake internet story about Sam Bradford and Landry Jones works for UT. This part of the story was actually broken in our comments section yesterday making it the first and only time we will break anything. Unless ChrisApplewhite dunks.

James W. Conradt is the manager of UT's computing services department. Because he didn't do any of his shenanigans on UT equipment or while at work, the University won't do anything to him.

"The department is aware of it," said UT's Robin Gerrow, "but since he did not use any UT time or equipment, no disciplinary action is expected."

Condradt has already apologized, and no harm was done. But of course now we must hear the lectures about 'mothers of children,' etc.

"This is symptomatic of the incredible amount of negativism and just sheer cruelty toward people who choose to participate in college athletics," OU's associate AD for media relations Kenny Mossman said. "The Internet has completely fostered that element. We're far more civil in person, face to face. It's a dynamic I sure wish we didn't have to worry about."

But you don't have to worry about it. The internet has two purposes: looking at porn and telling people they suck (and deservedly so). Because of that, there is a much larger concentration of stupid people online than you would likely encounter face to face. The internet doesn't make you stupid. It just makes your stupidity more accessible to others.

Now because of all the stupid people on the internet, bullshit rumours get more traction than they would in other places. Again, stupid people will fall for most anything. owner Brandon Jones understands this.

"I think people underestimate the power of these (Internet) communities," says Jones. "What the average person doesn't realize is how quickly this stuff spreads like wildfire, and once it's out there, it's hard to control."

That poor bastard has to monitor Aggies. Shudder.

The internet, for the most part, is self policing when it comes to stupid shit. If you bring your stupid to the hole, it's going to get rejected and you're going to get a Dikembe Mutombo finger wag.

Then you take a seat on the bench and think about what you did. Or go look at some more porn.