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HenryJames Caught in Trannie Sting

Speaking of Internet hoaxes, HenryJames got busted in a trannie prostitute sting according to the Daily Post.

AUSTIN Last night, as most of us slept, local police conducted a massive sting operation targeted at the city's prostitutes. Several officers from the Austin Police Department watched and waited as prostitutes walked up and down the streets of downtown, leaning in car after car, only to be arrested after driving away in the car and a transaction had clearly been made. The head of the Austin Task Force reported at least 12 arrests of prostitutes and several dozen potential customers. Nobody was hurt in the operation.

However, back at the station, Police were surprised to find in one case that they had arrested a transvestite prostitute. Police identified Henry James as a known transvestite in the Austin area, but failed to identify the sicko during the arrest. It wasn't until hours later when James stood up in the holding tank and urinated through the bars when police were able to identify the James as a transvestite.

After posting bail, James, a respected member of the community, is now registered as a known sex offender in Austin. When asked by reporters if James's customers were ever surprised, he replied, "My customers are mostly breast men."

Can you guess which one is Henry James?