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Brett Favre: Real Man of Genius

It has been irritating enough to watch Brett Favre conduct himself like a manipulative primadonna over the last two years and to have to endure the media's bootlicking during his pseudo farewell tour (which included laughable justifications for why he's "the best evarrr!"), but there is karma in this world, and it is indeed, a motherfucker.

Somewhere Aaron Rodgers just made a quiet fist pump of triumph.

Granted, calling your division rival multiple times on a Packer cell phone may not be as trogdolytic as heaving a ball up for grabs into triple coverage with your team trailing by three late in the 4th quarter of a playoff game - a true Brett Favre staple -but, wait, actually it's perfectly equal to that. I just calibrated it.

Brett, it's time to go away. Go back to Pigslop, Mississippi. Buy a kickass home theater. Go to the midget auto races. Hang out at Applebees. Enthuse the locals with your stories. Bowing out gracefully clearly isn't a strength. Now I'm just requesting that you leave before someone has to call security.