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Brother Against Brother

 height=The dog days of summer are upon us and the relative boring nature of this year’s Big 12 media day is of great concern for bloggers. Thus, we get ‘best of" lists. Hey, it passes the time.

War Eagle Atlanta broke down the best in-state rivalries in a piece called Brother Against Brother. The Texas/Texas A&M rivalry came in at a respectable #2 overall. One a side note, here is a link to another post I did regarding Rivalries and Point Spreads just prior to us losing to Texas A&M last season.

His top 5 are:

1. Alabama/Auburn
2. Texas/Texas A&M
3. Miami/FSU
5. Oregon/Oregon State

I don’t really have a ton of complaints with his list (particularly his top 5), but a couple of things struck me. There are not a lot of great intrastate rivalries outside of his top 5. Purdue-Notre Dame? Wow that sucks. I’d think the Aggies and Red Raiders count before ND and Purdue. Are there other Texas/old SWC rivalries worth discussion? Florida and Florida State strike me as a bit underrated, although they are relative newcomers to bigtime college football.. Are Washington/Washington State deserving? What about Colorado and Colorado State?