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Mike Leach at Big 12 Media Day

Bask in his magnificence.

The money quotes:

Q. A lot of us were wondering why Harrell and Crabtree aren't here?

And anybody that wants to talk to Graham or Michael Crabtree or Darcel McBath or those guys, you can do it in their natural habitat in Lubbock, Texas. I recommend Love Field because DFW can be a confusing mess. Love Field, about every hour go to Lubbock, Texas, where we have some great steak places. And we'd love to see you, and we all know you by your first names, so it'd be good to renew our friendship.

Q: Mike, a lot of excitement about your defense. Can you talk about how much better you got on defense after September

I think we steadily improved and some of them -- you know, maturity, which is really kind of a word I don't like, besides the fact that I'm immature. I mean, where is this benchmark?