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Why did the SEC media pick Florida over Georgia?

Both Georgia and Florida are ranked in the top five in most of the preseason polls I've seen. Deservedly so. I also believe that Georgia is ranked ahead of Florida in each of the same polls. Now the SEC media voted for their preseason poll, and Florida received twice as many votes as Georgia as the pick to win the conference.

So does the SEC media know something the national media doesn't?

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Mr. College Football, aka Tony Barnhart, offered up his opinion.

1. A lot of national media saw Georgia beat Hawaii-and fell in love

Although everyone outside of the Portland State football offices knew that Hawaii would get rolled, the Bulldogs might be benefitting from the Oregon State effect. After Oregon State destroyed Notre Dame in the 2001 Fiesta Bowl, Sports Illustrated made them their preseason number one the next year. They went 5-6. Georgia is not going 5-6 next year, but you get the point.

 height=2. The SEC media knows how tough this league really is

Everyone already knows this, national media included. If they forget, they can just visit any SEC school site and be reminded. They will also be reminded that some people think that Blackfoot was better than The Who.

3. The Tebow factor

Tim Tebow was banged up going into the Georgia game. Unless they find a tailback, Tebow is going to be banged up again this year. That's going to happen when you have a fullback playing quarterback and let him carry it 200 times. The injured Tebow wasn't the problem. The porous Florida rush defense was.

4. Florida’s SEC road schedule

Florida's away games are about as tough as the Union's road schedule in the 1864 season. Conversely, Georgia has road games against South Carolina, LSU and Auburn.

5. Gators will have mental edge

Revenge factor or something. Regardless, the Gators are 15-3 against Georgia since 1990. They already have the mental edge.

Barnhart believes numbers two and four will be factors. I agree.