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Check-in Day Remarks from Mack

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Everybody reported as expected. If you are wondering, WR Antoine Hicks showed up at TCU as was reported earlier this summer.

Link to full press conference transcript

Most interesting comments:

1. We’d like to take the red-shirt mentality out of it 100 percent.

I like the fact we are fully embracing this change. I can remember when everyone shirted and Mack reminded us that freshman throw up in the tunnel in Dallas.

2. The guys will wake up at 4:30 in the morning. They’ll be on the field starting practice at 6 a.m. They’ll be out there about an hour and 15 minutes.

That sounds like fun. At least it will be only 85 degrees at that hour.

3. Antwan Cobb will be the only player that’s limited.

Everybody's healthy -- nice. Jordan Shipley, feel free to stay that way.

4. We are committed to trying to get Colt (McCoy) and John Chiles on the field at the same time some, so we will start working immediately. I do want to say without question that John is still the second-team quarterback and will not move from quarterback. Colt will be the starter today, just because of the past, and John will be working with the first team some in packages, like he did a little bit last year, but at the same time, John will not move away from the quarterback position.

That means stop asking questions about it.

5. We’d like to see if it [the Colt and Chiles together package] works first. We didn’t do it in the spring. We’re really developing that package as we speak and we’re going to start working on that immediately to see where it goes, simply because John and Colt are two of our best players.

Why are we still crafting a package that we are committed to? It seems like any random week since January could have been used to draw it up.

6. Regarding the new 40-second rule, We’ve been told that if you also huddle up and take your time, you’re probably going to lose numbers of plays during the game. We have to look very closely at, can we expand our package with no huddle, and run the entire offense with no huddle, and get more plays and still be able to do the things we want to do offensively?

Here's to us running no huddle as often as possible.

7. I’m glad that only flagrant facemasks are called, so I think that’s a good rule.

Interesting as I wondered if they were going to call the cheap ones and just mark them as 15-yarders. That reminds me, congrats to Robert Killebrew on graduating.

8. Our defensive staff is talking about playing a lot of nickel, so that adds a fifth guy.

Muschamp will not line up Reed Boyd 16 inches from the ball to "blitz" while Wes Welker hangs 14 catches on us.

9. On the impact Ken Rucker’s new position had this summer: I give a lot to the kids, because they took it on themselves and they were embarrassed. That’s not us. They wanted to do better, and they policed each other to a degree. But I do think the message of Ken, of establishing a position from DeLoss (Dodds) and Bill Powers and our office. Ken checking rooms every night, texting them, calling them, him being the extended father in the dorm and across the team, and Nancy, his wife, is a nurse on campus and she’s over there all the time. They’re eating lunch with them. I do think that position had a really huge impact.

Whatever it was, I appreciate not reading the police blotter every day.

10. Greg Davis is going to be full speed. He overcame his appendicitis.

Proof positive that you can in fact remove useless appendages and not miss a beat.

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