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When Tony Barnhart types, I read

Mr. College Football, Tony Barnhart, said he thinks Fullmer is done at Tennessee.

It’s hard to see Fulmer returning as Tennessee’s coach: Phillip Fulmer is an old offensive lineman which means he will work and fight until the last game is over. But what I saw Saturday night in Knoxville was a sense of resignation that Fulmer will not be able to get the program at Tennessee turned around. In case you’re keeping score at home, Fulmer is now 3-5 against Mark Richt, 0-4 against Urban Meyer, and 1-4 against Nick Saban.

John Cooper wept.

Tennessee (3-5) has four games left (South Carolina, Wyoming, Vanderbilt, Kentucky). The Vols will be lucky to win two.

Now that is an SEC murder's row...and he thinks they will be lucky to win two. Yikes. I am actively rooting for 4-0.

The good news is that Tennessee AD Mike Hamilton only wants to hire a guy with HC experience. Nice. Stop the Muschamp talk now.

Will they have to rename The Fulmer Cup?

Note: I am ignoring his Stafford as best QB in college football for now. I am afraid that my response will draw mdr out of hibernation.