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Big XII Counseling Session

This has been floating around in emails the past few weeks, so I assume most of you have seen it, but if not, here it is. It is worth the read. Here is the original blog post from Bring On The Cats. H/T to our readers below (jc25 and dimecoverage) for finding the link.


Counselor: Okay, everyone, sit down. We're going to start our first
therapy session. Who would like to share first?

Kansas State: Uh, I guess that I'll go first. Well, our defense...

Counselor: Before you go on, make sure you tell everyone your name and
why you're here.

KS: Oh, I'm sorry. My name is Kansas State, and I don't have a defense.

Everyone: (In unison...) Hi, Kansas State.

KS: (Scratches behind head...) Yeah, anyway, I don't know exactly what
happened, but my defense just packed up and left over a year ago. I
can't figure out what I did wrong; just, one day, without any warning,
I showed up to the stadium and there it was, a "Dear John" letter,
saying that things weren't working out and it was leaving.

Counselor: Kansas State, how did that make you feel?

KS: Well, it made me feel vulnerable. Timid. Scared, and not smart.

To read the rest, head over to Bring On The Cats.