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'Bama is STILL pissed off at Dennis Francione

Francione, busy moving in where most ex-coaches with State of Texas ties seemingly go after getting a buyout from their employers, (Horseshoe Bay), has a new gig. He is about to join ESPN Radio as a color analyst for college football. His first assignment? Alabama vs. Clemson in Atlanta. Apparently some folks haven't forgotten Francione's stay -- and departure -- from the Crimson Tide.

Among this Birmingham writer's musings about Francione's new gig are:

Is there anyone more ill-suited to a career in radio - even as a temp while he rehabilitates his image - than a man with a voice for newspapers?

Franchione's tone isn't exactly melodious, unless you've spent an afternoon listening to Lou Holtz, who's spent a lifetime doing Daffy Duck. With his flat Midwestern accent and nasal whine, Franchione sounds like Ferris Bueller's teacher on helium.

And is there anyone more ill-fitting in the booth for an Alabama game than the former Alabama coach with hands of Vaseline?

You remember. The guy was too slippery to hold the rope

Alabama vs. Clemson, Aug 30th at 7:00 pm -- another reason to have satellite radio.