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How Paul Johnson came up with his offense

It may be possible to divide offensive coaching into two camps. The first one camp says you should devise your scheme and then focus on finding the right players to fit into what you're trying to do. The other says you should devise a scheme to fit around your talent at hand. Each system obviously has its merits.

Georgia Tech head coach Paul Johnson has twice told the story of how he came up with his offense in recent weeks. The most recent retelling was at Georgia Tech's media day last Saturday. It's a good read.

I like this story, especially the part involving Erk Russell. The longtime defensive coordinator at Georgia wants to run the I because that's what they ran at Georgia. Johnson obeys, and then quickly realizes you can't run the I without a fullback and tight end who are worth a shit. So Johnson changes it and then assures Russell that they're still going to run the ball. Russell thinks about it for all of fifteen minutes and then gives the go ahead.

Proving once again that necessity is the mother of all invention.