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Bill Little painfully reminds us that football season is near

Bill Little has his first piece of the year up on, and it does not disappoint.

The title is In anticipation of anticipating. Oh Bill, you had me at helloing the hello. I'm not really sure what the article is actually about though. I think he's saying that it would be really cool if the Olympics were on Christmas Day so every Longhorn football player could get a medal.

Bill gives me my Christmas present early by closing with "But for the Longhorns of 2008, what seems to be the most intriguing quotient is its ability to believe in each other, and to be supportive of each other. That is a rarity in sports, and it serves you well when, as Eddie said, you set about the task of winning when it seems the toughest, so that it can matter the most."

God, bless, us, everyone.