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College Football Title Belt Update

I had previous entry about the idea of a college football title belt. Usually when the belt falls into the hands of the SEC it stays there for a while because the SEC teams 1) are pretty good and win a fair share of their bowl games and 2) like to schedule patsies for the regular season nonconference games. The order of importance of those two indisputable facts can be argued.

But fortunately for us, Arkansas upset LSU last season and then had to play a bowl game while their former coach was probably allegedly in a motel with a television personality.

So now the belt rests on the hips of the Missouri Tigers. While I'm not sure what to make a of a world where Gary Pinkel is the Heavyweight Champion of College Football, it is what it is. The good news is that the belt should bounce around the Big 12 this year.

College Football Title Belt History