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The Argument Against A College Football Playoff

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Big 10 Commissioner Jim Delany has been the most strident defender of the BCS system (with the possible exception of Gene Claude @ AT), which marks him as the devil for many college football fans. Delany's league (along with the Pac 10 and the Rose Bowl) have led the fight against any kind of playoff system. They do not stand alone in this fight, but Delany is the most articulate defender of the status quo. Once again, Delany makes the case as to why college football does not need a playoff system.

*Teams leaving money on the table that a playoff sytem would bring? Delany acknowledges that more money could be made with a playoff, but he states, "There is nothing more powerful than the regular season in college football."

Delany agrues that the sport is among the fastest growing in popularity with youngsters age 12-17 because it doesn't devalue the regular season.

Delany spells out what the BCS is all about:

"...It is an effort to do three things -- preserve the bowl system, create a winner on the field based on a season's work, and maintain college football as the most important regular season in all of sport."