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Why the SEC is the best

A writer for the Gainesville Sun offers ten reasons why the SEC is the best football conference other than Xs and Os.

1. Infighting.

2. Secondary rivalries.

3. Barbecue.

4. Bumper stickers.

5. Girls.

6. Volume.

7. Tail-gating.

8. Stadiums.

9. Traditions.

10. Love-hate.

I take violent exception to two of these: barbecue and girls.

BBQ: As if pork for anything other than ribs counts as barbecue. Texas and Kansas City? The Big 12 rules all in this category.

Girls: Overall, probably yes, but the Pac 10 would certainly give them a run for their money. As individual states go, Texas takes a backseat to no one. If the blonde is from Texas, Adam Smith continues to be right.

Without giving it any more thought than required to copy and paste the ten reasons, I'd say the SEC wins the rest. But if you have the best barbecue and girls, the rest is inconsequential.