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Letters from Camp Big XII

Here are some news and notes from around Big 12 camps. For more detailed analysis of each team, please review our State of the Union pieces.


The injury bug is showing up all over camps.

Knock on wood as Austin has been spared the loss of any starters. Back-up tight ends Josh Marshall’s and Ian Harris are both now injured.

Oklahoma lost starting will linebacker Austin Box for at least three weeks. And potential All American DE Austin English is out with appendicitis. They also lost a freshman WR, but not due ot injury. Rapper Josh Jarboe surfaced to play for Troy. Apparently, Jacksonville State said no.

Colorado lost their punt returner Jason Espinoza to a broken collar bone in addition to starting LB Jon Major, another Mack Brown curse victim.

Missouri TE Chase Coffman will miss two weeks with a broken finger.

Oklahoma State receiver William Cole has suffered a knee injury.

In some Top 10 injury news, USC lost its QB Mark Sanchez to a dislocated kneecap, plus it has a case of crotch rot going around.

Florida has lost 5 players to season ending knee injuries including potential All American tight end Cornelius Ingram, starting safety Dorian Munroe, OL Jim Barrie, freshman LB Brendan Beal and walk-on safety John Curtis. Plus, do-everything All American WR Percy Harvin has been very limited in practice.

Preseason #1 Georgia lost its left tackle Trinton Sturvedant. Safety Quintin Banks tore a medial collateral ligament and Walter Hill broke his hand and will miss three to six weeks.

Iowa State

Iowa State’s defense is slow according to DC Wayne Bolt. Coach, your defense gave up almost 5000 yards last season and 36 points per game in conference play last year, we know they are slow and getting worse.

In related news, Chizik reinstated senior RB JJ Bass.

I am guessing Gene Chizik is getting homesick in Ames. Maybe the Tampa Bucs will be looking a defensive assistant in 2010.

Kansas State

Kansas State has no running backs. Returning part-time contributor Leon Patton is still suspended from his brush with the law and his most likely replacements, two incoming tailbacks, are having qualification issues. Freshman hopeful and Florida Offensive Player of the Year by Kwamaine Brown is still awaiting word from the NCAA Clearinghouse while fellow 2008 JUCO recruit Daniel Thomas did not qualify. Thomas has elected to make Dairy Queen blizzards in Mississippi.

They are looking at starting Keithen Valentine who had to walk-on at a JUCO before transferring over to Manhattan. And another true freshman, Logan Dold looks like the number 2 back.

Why did Coach Briles wait until August 14th to have its first two-a-day? They don’t give you those days back, Coach Briles.

Briles also dropped the playbook altogether. I like that idea.

I’m a visual learner, and a lot of players fall along those same lines," said Briles, who didn’t work from a playbook in his five seasons coaching the University of Houston, either. "Because if you hand them a book and a video game, they’re going to play the video game. We’ve got all our plays on video, and that’s how we teach them."

Texas Tech

The Texas Tech offense is shredding the defense ("The Swarm") in practice. Perhaps Ruffin McNeill does need a life preserver while crossing bodies of water. Leach had to end a scrimmage early as it was getting so lopsided.

I already have a life preserver under my shirt

McKinner Dixon has ironed out his grade issues, which typically involves white out and a typewriter, so he is back in practice albeit as a third stringer.

And in case you are unaware, Craig James’ son Adam is a redshirt freshman WR for Texas Tech. Don't worry you will hear about it again as Greg Lampham of Fox Sports will beat this story to death.