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All Is Quiet On The Fulmer Cup Front

No bitches have been kicked.

No guns have been wielded.

No breathalyzers have been maxed.

We're nowhere to be found in the current Fulmer Cup rankings. In fact, we're not even Top 100. As you'll recall, we were a strong 6th in 2007.

 height=A lot of the media are trying to attribute this to Ken Rucker's appointment to Director of High School Relations and Player Development and though I think he certainly has value for our program, our quiet year is primarily attributable to cleaning house on a handful of thugs before they reached critical mass and by raising the accountability level for all of our coaches in recruiting and in player relations. The net result is that Texas is back to being one of the least thuggy programs in college football.

The Big 12 has a solid three schools in the Top 10 with dark horse Missouri pushing hard to surpass Alabama for the 2008 title. Unlikely to happen as the season is now underway and I think Saban's guys still have a gun incident and a DUI in 'em during the bowl layoff. I'm not sure what's going on at Missouri, particularly given Pinkel's no-nonsense reputation, but bringing in Crips like Gilbert Moye doesn't bode particularly well for the program.