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CFN's Big 12 Preview

I remember when I loved College Football News, and it was mandatory reading this time of year. Well, no more, as I missed their Big 12 preview for four days. I can see that I didn't miss much.

Team That'll Surprise
Iowa State – The team took a step back to possibly take a giant leap forward this year after playing several young prospects before they were ready, and now they have the experience to hit the ground running. Eight starters are back on offense, and that doesn't include QB Austen Arnaud, who's ready to take over for Bret Meyer, and hot young back Alexander Robinson and senior J.J. Bass. Seven starters are back on D. The schedule gets a huge missing Texas, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, who's loaded this year.

Returning starters can be overblown. Sometimes you are rooting for guys to graduate so the younger guys can play. This team over-achieved last year with 2 upsets of Big 12 North opponents on their home field (Kansas State and Colorado) and an upset of their in-state rival. Does anyone believe that they can win 3 conference ball games this year? No, their best chance to win a single conference game is at Baylor. They are more likely to go 0-8 in conference.

One Bold Prediction
Texas will finish third, at best, in the Big 12 South. Oklahoma is good enough to win the national title and Texas Tech is loaded from top to bottom. With the Longhorns having to travel to Lubbock to face the Red Raiders, and with at trip to Colorado and Kansas from the North along with the home game against Missouri, the schedule isn’t a plus.

That is swimming with the current, Pete. Most of the sporting world thinks this is Tech's year to better their string of more than 3 losses in a season. Bold would be predicting that the Aggies will be playing in the Big 12 championship game this year.

Coach on the Hot Seat
Mack Brown, Texas – Two years removed from the national title, and with Oklahoma taking back the South again on the way to two straight Big 12 championships, the pressure is on Brown to prove that he can win a championship without Vince Young.

Umm, no. Mack Brown is not concerned with his job security or his retirement. Mike Gundy, on the other hand, should have his head on a swivel.