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Talked to my AAU Coach Friend

First, the guy hates Texas. Cannot stand us. So take this with a grain off (sic) salt.

Says J'Covan Brown has been an abortion from the start. Good player that could literally be bipolar. As in he's just as likely to pants an opposing team member at the foul line on national TV as he is to hit a nice little 10 ft. pull up on the break. Dude mailed in his LOI on signing day for Pete's weiner. Not a bad miss.

Says the Houston B-ball community is somewhat pissed that Mason-Griffin was not recruited hard by Texas. Said it was an insult that Texas sent Rodney Terry to the various tournaments when most programs had their head guy. After I informed him that we had bigger fish to fry, he agreed to disagree. Then I told him to go fuck himself.

He said Shawn Williams will be a solid 3 to 4 year contributor. Loved his long frame and ability to stroke it on the perimeter, but what really sets him apart is his willingness to get out and guard people. He needs to get stronger, but his attitude on the court should carryover into the weight room.

He claimed Pastner is licking his chops to coach for Calipari. Going from Olson to Cal would really help with the X's and O's aspect of the resume as well as his narcolepsy.

Then we argued about the Georgian conflict. His main rebuttal involved bitches being kicked.