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Fox Sports is running last year's "Big 12 Greatest Games"

I have caught a few and thought some of you might enjoy them. I'm not sure how they actually selected the greatest games, but it is football nonetheless -- it will pass the time until August 30th.

You can see the list of Big 12 Greatest Games showings and times for Austin Directv viewers. You can customize for your cable/satellite operator in the upper right hand corner -- pretty stout.

Upcoming games include Missouri @ Oklahoma, Oklahoma @ Colorado (a personal favorite), and Fresno State @ Texas A&M (really?).

It should be noted that Huckleberry's rating of college football's greatest upsets of all time has that Oklahoma @ Colorado game as #28.

As a bonus to the Barking Carnival readers, I also found this nugget on You can see what live games are going to be your TV set in the next 14 days (again customizable to your TV provider). Pretty sweet app and I can't believe I've never seen it. It will certainly help when setting my DVR during football season.