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Mike Sherman hearts walk ons

Sort of. Sherman says seven guys are pushing for time in the Aggies' two deep at this point.

"We don't discriminate; it's equal opportunity here at Texas A&M," Sherman said. "Like I told them the first time I talked to them: It doesn't matter how you got here. If you can help us win, you're going to play."

The seven players are receiver Drew Williamson, fullbacks Nick LaMantia, Anthony Vela and Ryan O'Bryant, kicker Randy Bullock, running back Colton Haverda and linebacker Derek Dumas.

Seven walkons in the two deep? That's a worse case scenario.

Here's my best case scenario.

Randy Bullock is on scholarship, and he's at a position frequently filled by walkons. The three fullbacks are competing for one position, Jorvorskie Lane's backup. And it's not like fullback is a scholarship position anyway for most teams. Haverda is not going to beat out Michael Goodson, Bradley Stephens or Cyrus Gray.

That leaves you with Williamson and Dumas.

As long as Williamson can catch a pass, he has a chance at this point. I'm sure he can run a 4 yard curl on 3rd and 8.

Franchione left A&M with six scholarship linebackers on campus. Six. When you bring in a new system, it's not unusual to see a walk on pick up the defense faster than some scholarship players. Walk ons are generally sharp guys. So when the older guys or true freshmen start picking up the defense, Dumas will be the odd man out.