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No J'Covan Brown This Fall

BevoBeat bears the bad news.

Rick Barnes statement on J'Covan Brown:

J'Covan Brown will not be enrolled at Texas during the upcoming Fall semester. However, we do expect J'Covan to earn admission to The University of Texas and join our basketball program at some point.

J'Covan Brown statement:

I'm very disappointed that I will not be at The University of Texas this fall. I did not get done what I needed to academically. I will work as hard as I can to make sure that I am able to earn a spot at The University of Texas as soon as possible.

We at the Carnival hope J'Covan can get his stuff together.

We are also hearing some potential good news on some other prospects via our hoops kaffeklatsch. Trips may have some news for us soon. Stay tuned.