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Aaron Corp owes Mack Brown

As devout readers of the Barking Carnival weblog know, we're big, big fans of and believers in Aaron Corp, who gets things done.

It's becoming clear, however, that Aaron's ability to get things done owes much to the pernicious Mack Brown Curse.

When Mark Sanchez went down with some sort of voodooesque knee injury caused by wind shearing during a footwork drill, many assumed that Mitch Mustain, former uber-prodigy from Possumcock, Arkansas would step right in and harness the Sarkisian chariot to Traveler and fight on. Instead he's been relegated to being dragged behind it like Hector.

Word out of Arkansas is that Mustain is having a hard time grokking the complex USC offense, which is housed in a playbook the size of which has been described by most as immense. Greg Davis considers it more like a Cliffs Notes.

It appears the Mack Brown Curse is alive and well and particularly virulent in Troy.

In following this story it occurred to us that no single resource has exhaustively listed all past victims of the Mack Brown Curse. We'd like to ask our audience for help in fleshing this list out. Two are listed above and Albert Hollis just jumped into my head. Please use the comments to complete this list.

Just one formation, right?