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A Modest Proposal For A New SWC

At the beginning of this decade the late Jim Wacker was Athletics Director at Texas State (nee Southwest Texas State).

Wacker had returned to the scene of his greatest success as a coach, where he had previously won two D-II football titles, and he had a vision for his school. Wacker was convinced that another downsizing at the D-1 level was only a matter of time, and he wanted to position Texas State to be able to take advantage of it by being ready to move up to D-1 from 1-AA.

He believed that D-1 would eventually look like an expanded NFL -- 64 teams at the top in four 16-team conferences with another tier for the other D-1 programs. He wanted Texas State to be a part of what he envisioned as a "new" Southwest Conference. Today there are some other folks who think the SWC is ready to make a comeback.

Wacker thought a league consisting of  SMU, Rice, TCU, Houston, Baylor, Texas Tech, UTEP and Texas State would be a logical start to a league that could thrive with built-in rivalries and reasonable travel.

Some of these family members from the old days might welcome a return to a different SWC.

The league suggested in the linked story has a West division of TCU, Tulsa, SMU, UTEP, New Mexico and New Mexico State, while the East would consist of Baylor, North Texas, Houston, Rice, Tulane and Louisiana Tech.

Personally,  I think the league that Coach Wacker envisioned would be...