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Consistently good to be great.

This is the team's slogan for next year. Now I've ruefully accepted the fact that they'll never use 'Bitches need to be kicked,' but this is certainly easier for the players to identify with than 'Take dead aim' or 'Earn the right.'

And that's the key. The players have to embrace it. In the past it sounded like something Mack Brown liked or something Bill Little cribbed from a Pappy O'Daniel stump speech, and then the team just went along with it. How many golf pricks players knew who Harvey Penick even was?

They can identify with this because they were inconsistent last year. It's something they've experienced rather than some saying from a person of whom they've never heard. And they realize that to win a championship, they have to play well every week.

So here's to hoping that they do.