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Golf Pricks Dominate Top of Latest BC Poll

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The Golf Prick rankings for this week haven't been as high since Steve Spurrier was wrecking shit in the golf course mecca of Florida. Be sure to check the weekly blogpoll.

1. Bob Stoops - takes the top spot with a #2 team ranking

2. Gary Pinkel - making a strong appearance at #3

3. Urban Meyer - he rolls without the visor, but all the other pieces are there

4. Steve Spurrier - the Don, the Godfather of Golf Pricks, makes a long awaited debut at #21 after a summer of crushing the beautiful links of the South Carolina coast

Keep an Eye on: Mike Gundy, the new 4-2-5 passed its first test on the road at Washington State, Gundy added another concho to his belt


A severe lack of depth after the top 5, but the GP Nation hopes to ring up it's 4th National Title this year.